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Lockdown Entertainment! - The Heijtz Catalogue 7th Edition is AVAILABLE TO STUDY GROUP MEMBERS
This catalogue is offered to members of the Study Group at the reduced price of £27 plus postage and packing (see below) Retail price is £34. The catalogue is available only hardbound to members.  No CDs are available from the Study Group, they can be obtained from Stefan at

In the UK, we can accept a cheque, made payable to "Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group" please IN FULL. Postage & packing add (per copy): UK £4 ie total of UK £31 per copy. Send the cheque with your name and address details to the Chairman. His address is in the Upland Goose.
If you don't use cheques any more, we can accept Paypal (see below) or contact the Chairman about making a direct bank payment.

In the UK we can also accept Paypal, if paying by Paypal the cost will be UK £32.50. Please email the Chairman (details in Upland Goose) to ask for Paypal details.
For overseas Study Group orders we only accept Paypal. The total charge, including Postage & Packing (Ireland & Europe £10; Rest of World £15) and Paypal charges will be:
Ireland & Europe: £39  Rest of World: £44

If paying by Paypal,  contact the Chairman (email in the Upland Goose) for more information, including which Paypal account for you to make the payment.

1800 - 2020 - 7th edition.
By Stefan Falkland Heijtz.

SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE SEVENTH EDITION: 32 years after the first edition of this catalogue was published in 1988, and seven years after the sixth edition, this new catalogue continues where the previous edition ended, with many references to websites and online guides for even deeper knowledge!

A large number of varieties have been added as well, and the interest in many of these varieties is growing once they are listed in the catalogue. Some sections of the catalogue have been re-written, and a lot of details have been updated. The catalogue has grown by 16 pages since the 6th edition, and this is not only due to the addition of recent issues, but also to the expansion of earlier sections. The compressed listing of stamps issued after 1985 has been critisized by some, and it is possible that a more full listing of these stamps will be available online in due course. For now, all I can offer are the full listings between 1986 and 2006 from the 5th edition of the catalogue, which will be available to download for free as PDF files from my website.

Naturally everything else in the catalogue is entirely updated as well, including prices and data. An unbelievable amount of new information throughout the entire catalogue has also been added. There is probably not one single page which hasn't been changed compared to the sixth edition, and many pages have been completely re-written!



5.75 incl p&p
Shackleton at South Georgia
by Robert Burton and Stephen Venables
Shackleton at South Georgia, a valuable and informative 24-page booklet by two South Georgia experts, Robert Burton and Stephen Venables, with a foreword by the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton.
Shackleton visited South Georgia with the Endurance, then the James Caird, and lastly aboard the Quest. This booklet, illustrated with little-known historic photographs and modern re-enactments, describes the three visits, his funeral in 1922, and retraces his legendary crossing of the South Georgia mountains with Frank Worsley and Tom Crean.
Included are photos by Edward Binnie and mentions of Leganger Hansen and Binnie.
Available to FIPSG members only.

Special Offer!

This book is a positive wealth of information for the British Antarctic collector, covering from 1910 (South Georgia) i.e. whaling, Discovery Investigations, Operation Tabarin, Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS), British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and various expeditions.

It details not only clear illustrations of each postmark with recorded dates of use but also base and ship cachets associated with the dates. The dates have been collated from various sources, authenticated by the author. All postmarks are reproduced to original size, as are the cachets except for a few which have been identified as reduced.

It is divided into sections. South Georgia, South Shetlands, Graham Land, South Orkneys and Halley (including the IGY Base). Each territory is introduced with a map and brief history, followed by illustrations of the cachets used at the bases. Useful notes accompany many of the cachets, giving details of when introduced/discontinued, whether "official" or "unofficial/private" etc. Under South Georgia, military cachets are illustrated and a comprehensive list of deputy postmasters with the name of their military unit is included.

Expedition cachets have been included, such as the Filchner's Polarschiff used at South Georgia, Wilkins and Hunting Aerosurveys Expeditions to Deception, Joint Services Expeditions to Elephant Island etc., where a clear connection with a base or territory is apparent. The other major expedition, given its own sub-section is the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1957/58, where cachets, postmarks and dates are covered.

The book is a hardback in A4 size with 188 pages. A pdf file as an addendum is available from the author.

Collection at Meeting 20
Postage Paid UK 22
Postage Paid Europe 24
Postage Paid WW 27
Cheques payable to FIPSG please


6.50 plus postage and packing - see order form for details
Christ Church Cathedral in the Falkland Islands by Alistair McHaffie
This 50 page booklet by Study Group member Alistair McHaffie gives the history of Christ Church Cathedral with illustrations.
Of particular interest to Study Group postal history members are details of the wall plaques in the Cathedral which are in memorial to some of the well known names in the Falklands, plus a list of Bishops and Incumbents of Christ Church Cathedral.

Another New Arrival!

The Company - The Story of the Falkland Islands Company by Michael Wright. Although only 44 pages long, it provides the story of the development of the Company, the many well know Falkland Islands names associated with that development, a and a fascinating series of illustrations including many early photographs.

5 only including Postage & Packing