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Here are the details of the officers of the Study Group. You can contact us by using the comments box at the bottom of each page of the website. To avoid email spammers we use [at] rather than @ in the emails below.

Our Study Group Officers

President: Wilf Vevers
Past Presidents: Tony Belfield , Malcolm Barton

Chairman: Kim Stuckey: contact kim_stuckey [at]
Secretary: Morva White: contact morvawhite [at]
Membership Sec: Mark Burton
Treasurer: Mark Burton
Webmaster and Online Payments: Kim Stuckey
Editor of The Upland Goose: Bill Featherstone: contact bilcon [at]
Hon. Auction Manager: Michael Roberts
Circulating Packet: Ralph Riddell-Carre
Executive Committee Members; Kim Stuckey, Morva White, Mark Burton, Geoffrey Barber, Graham Bound, Richard Griffiths, Terry Wiffen
General Committee Members: Executive Committee plus Michael Roberts, Ralph Riddell-Carre and Bill Featherstone
Sales & Wants: Bill Featherstone
Books & Monographs: Kim Stuckey
Clothing: Morva White
Jourrnal Past Issues: Mark Burton
Hon. Auditor: Chris Boyd
North America Rep: Carl Faulkner
Scandinavian Rep: Stefan Heijtz