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Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group Online Research Resource

Below are a series of pdfs of collections, plus presentations given in the Lecture Theatre at Study Group weekends. These presentations cover a lot of topics, so please look through to see if there is anything here to help your research into Falkland Islands philately.

Updated! - Listing of New Island N.1 and N.2 Cancellation Dates

The Winter 2016 Upland Goose (Vol. XXV No.1) gave a listing in the Under the Magnifying Glass article of N.1 and N.2 New Island cancellation dates. A updated checklist of dates is given here, as of April 2019 with new dates added in red.

click here to download New Island cancellation dates

New! - Silver Jubilee Presentation

A major presentation on the flaws of the 1935 Silver Jubilee issue by Ralph Riddell-Carre

Click here to download presentation

New! - Listing of Afterglow Cancellation Dates

The Winter 2018 Upland Goose (Vol. XXVI No.3) gave a listing in the Under the Magnifying Glass article of Afterglow cancellation dates. A checklist of dates is reproduced here. This listing is updated as of December 2018. Any further updates will .be given in red

click here to download Afterglow cancellation dates

Updated! - Listing of West Falkland WF.2 Cancellation Dates

The Autumn 2016 Upland Goose (Vol. XXIV No.6) gave a listing in the Under the Magnifying Glass article of WF.2 cancellation dates. Since then additional dates have been discovered. An updated checklist of dates known of the WF.2 canceller is downloadable here. This listing is updated as at December 2018.

click here to download West Falkland cancellation dates

New! - Argentine Post Office Notices

Thanks to Stefan Heijtz and Ben de Deugd for providing three communciations from the Argentine Post Office relating to validity of Falkland Islands stamps. They are written in Spanish:
(i) Post Office Notice from March 1933 relating to the Centenary issue
(ii) Post Office Notice from August 1982 post Conflict
(iii) 1985 UPU document from Argentina.
The documents can be downloaded here:

click here to download documents

Gold Medal Winning South Georgia Display

Hugh Osborne exhibited at the Nordia 2017 exhibition held at Vejle, Denmark 27 - October 2017 including the Fourth International Polar Philatelic Exhibition. 
This five frame, 80 sheet exhibit of South Georgia Postal History was entered into the competitive Polar class.  Structured over four chapters beginning with the ‘Pioneering Era’ [Chapter 1], the Edward VII period from 1904 to 1913; followed by Chapter 2 a ‘Time of Development’ running up to 1929 leading onto a ‘Period of Stability’ [Chapter 3] and ending with Chapter 4 -‘Years of Disruption’ [1937 - 1941].
Many congratulations to Hugh, as the exhibit was awarded a Large Gold medal (96 points) as well as the Polar Grand Prix. The chapters and introduction can be downloaded here:

click here to download Introduction

click here to download Chapter 1 - Pioneering

click here to download Chapter 2 - Development

click here to download Chapter 3 - Stability

click here to download Chapter 4 - Disruption

Birds Issue Presentation

Hugh Osborne gave a superb presentation and display of the Falkland Islands Birds issue at the 2017 Study Group weekend. The presentation is available here.

click here to download Birds Issue Presentation

Superb South Georgia and Operation Tabarin Display

Hugh Osborne gave the Standing Display in July and August 2016 at the Royal Philatelic Society of London. The link below takes you to a presentation of the display, which majors on South Georgia Postal History until 1945, but also has interesting sections on South Shetlands and Operation Tabarin.

Online Resource for early Falklands Collectors

The Falkland Islands Government Archives are uploading to their website scans of the Falkland islands Magazine from the first magazine in 1889 to 1933. This magazine contains invaluable details on shipping, visiting ships and people and places in the Islands. It can be accessed via the "Online Collections" tab at:

Under the Magnifying Glass Articles

Below are a series of pdfs of articles from the Upland Goose Under the Magnifying Glass series that may be of interest to the wider Falkland Islands collecting community.

The Discovery of the Gibbons listed "Cloud Flaw" on the 1933 Centenary 1½d

click here to download Cloud Flaw article

An article on identifying the 1928 South Georgia 2½d on 2d Provisional.

click here to download article on South Georgia Provisional

Stefan Heijtz Collections Available for viewing and online research

Stefan Heijtz now has a superb set of pdfs of his past and current collection available for viewing and downloading on the web. This is a major asset for collectors to help them in their future mounting and displaying of their own collections and for research purposes. The summary is as follows (links are available below to go directly to the relevant part of the collection)
Stamps, Proofs and Varieties 1878-1937: This enormous 313 page collection was formed over more than 25 years, and it contained examples of virtually every stamp and variety, as well as examples of most proofs, known from the Falkland Islands. Although now broken down, at least one example of every stamp and printing has been transferred to the Reference collection.
PDFs of the entire original collection can be downloaded as follows (click on these links below):
Queen Victoria 93 pages (size 6 MB),
King Edward VII 27 pages (size 2 MB),
King George V 1912-20 + 1921-28 68 pages (size 5 MB),
War Stamps 65 pages (size 5 MB),
Whale&Penguins + 1933 Centenary + 1935 Silver Jubilee 60 pages (size 5 MB).
Postmarks 1869-1937: This large 121 page collection showed many examples of every postmark used in the Falkland Islands and Dependencies, including most varieties. Although now broken down, at least one example of every postmark and postmark variety has been transferred to the Reference collection (see below).
PDFs of the entire original collection can be downloaded as follows:
Postmarks Stanley 47 pages (size 4 MB),
Cork Obliterators 41 pages (size 3 MB),
Other Postmarks (Ship cancellations, Fox Bay, New Island, South Georgia, South Shetlands) 33 pages (size 3 MB).
Postal Rates 1840-1937: a131 page exhibit that was shown at one of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group weekends is now available to download as a pdf file. It is the most comprehensive display of the postal rates from this period ever assembled and can be downloaded from:
Postal Rates
Postal History: Finally,
most of the huge collection of Falkland Islands and Dependencies Postal History 1827-1937, which was formed over more than 25 years, has been broken down and sold off. This is not available currently for viewing, as a book of this collection is planned and will be published in due course.
To access all the pdfs of the Falkland Islands collection in future (plus other country collections, to award winning standards, which are of interest to any philatelist) bookmark:

Forgeries and Fakes of Stamps, Surcharges and Postmarks:
This 22 page display was shown at one of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group weekends. It contains examples of many different types of forgeries, with genuine examples showed next to the forgeries. A useful reference.
A PDF of the entire display can be downloaded
HERE  (size 6MB)
Fiscal use of Stamps:
This 55 page display was shown at one of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group weekends. It shows many examples of Fiscal use of stamps, on and off documents, and other non-postal use of stamps and postal markings. A PDF of the entire display can be downloaded HERE 
(size 5 MB).
South Georgia Glass Plates from the 1920's-30's:
This 57 page display shows photographs taken by Theodor Andersson, mostly of Grytviken but also of some of the other whaling stations, and it shows interesting views of how life was in those days.
A PDF of the entire display can be downloaded HERE 
(size 12 MB).
The Falkland Islands National Stamp Collection:
This collection now resides in the Falkland Islands Museum in Stanley. This display was shown at the handover ceremony at Falkland House in London, and it includes background details, and photos of the ten first pages of the collection.
A PDF of the entire display can be downloaded HERE
 (size 5 MB).
Spinkex 2007 - The Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group display at Spink, London:
This 43 frame (688 page) display was a joint effort by a large number of Study Group members, and it is the largest display of Falkland Islands stamps and Postal History ever shown. This record of the entire display was taken by camera, so therefore the quality is not always the highest.
A PDF of the entire display can be downloaded HERE 
(size 13 MB).

Two presentations on the Dependencies Map sets

Below are two links to pdf files of the presentations given by John Search at Faringdon 2010 Study group weekend as Powerpoint displays in the hotel Lecture Theatre.

John shows the various Group Transfer and individual flaws on the Thick Map set, and proposes a similar look at the Thin Map set.

The Study Group is grateful to John for providing these presentations for wider viewing and comment.


click here to download Thick Map presentation

click here to download Thin Map presentation

1960s Essays & Proofs

The 2011 Lecture Theatre Presentation was based on work at the Jane Cameron National Archives, the Port Stanley Post Office vault and the British Library by Kim Stuckey. Some examples of the designs and proofs were shown in this presentation. A monograph on some of the issues was also produced (see Research Topics page).

click here to download 1960s Essays and Proofs

Falkland Island Stamp Varieties

The 2007 and 2009 Lecture Theatre Presentations were given by Ray Rabbetts on the Varieties of QEII 1953-1982. In 2013 Kim Stuckey gave a presentation on the work by himself and Malcolm Barton on updating Ray's work for new varieties, based on their long running "Under the Magnifying Glass" articles in Upland Goose. All three presentations are available for download here. The Part III presentation includes some older varieties identified in Under the Magnifying Glass.

click here to download Modern Varieties Part I

click here to download Modern Varieties Part II

click here to download Modern Varieties Part III

The Centenary Issue Cloud Flaw - the original article in Upland Goose 

Under the Magnifying Glass: No.7 An Exciting Centenary Issue Discovery


by Malcolm Barton and Kim Stuckey


In Under the Magnifying Glass No. 4 we expressed our surprise at the discovery of a new variety on the King George V ½d definitive a century after the stamp issue. There were a large number of collectors in the 1930’s looking carefully at “new issues” with a view to plating and trying to uncover new flaws. Therefore to uncover a second George V flaw and this time on the iconic 1933 Centenary issue is yet another pleasant surprise.


The credit for first uncovering the flaw goes to Nigel Kaye, who contacted us with a query on a Centenary 1½d used on a Karl Lellman late use 1946 cover from Fox Bay. There appeared to be a blue inking in the cloud just to the right of the whalecatcher mast.



This flaw may have been put to one side and forgotten about, until a startling piece of evidence appeared on ebay. A seller had not one, but two imprint blocks of the Centenary 1½d for sale. Both of them had the same “cloud flaw” on the top left stamp!



To back this discovery up, a trawl of ebay lots found another single 1½d for sale with the same variety. So it appeared that we do have a flaw that could be constant, rather than a one off.


 The next question about the variety was the consistency of it across two printings of the 1½d (there were two printings of all values except for three of the 3d). Here the Grosvenor auction catalogue archive ( was of great benefit – Sale 65 Lot 1518 had an imprint block of four of the Centenary 1½d without the flaw. This means that the flaw appeared only on one printing, or part way through a printing.



Ronnie Spafford has provided useful information by looking at his stock of 1½d stamps. He found the flaw on one of his sheets, but not the other two. This sheet is marked Second Printing. For the low values of the Centenary issue the size of the selvedge does not provide any clues as to the printing, as it does on the high values. It has been reported that Maude Cary thought the top of mast of the whalecatcher was more into the frame in the second printing, but this may not be consistently true across a printing. However, the flaw copies do seem to have a higher positioned vignette, You would believe that the flaw is more likely to be second printing than first if it is a plate flaw or re-entry of some kind but nothing is confirmed at this time.



Another cover with a 1½d with the flaw has been seen on ebay, bringing our total number of stamps seen with the Cloud Flaw to six. This cover was dated in 1934, so it was later use of the Centenary stamps.


So we now throw it open to Study Group members to help us with this new discovery. Please report any examples of the “Cloud Flaw” to us. Particularly welcome would be any dated used or on cover that could help us – if any were in the time period of the first printing only being available, it would help us determining the printing of this flaw.


It is appropriate in the 80th year since the issue of this wonderful set of stamps, we could have discovered a major, visible to the naked eye flaw on the 1½d value. It is a chance to scour those dealer stockbooks!


Thanks to:

Nigel Kaye

Ronnie Spafford